The last time you will have to remember any of your credentials is now

Introducing the secure password manager from ByteSeal which helps you easily organize all your credentials such as usernames and passwords for your email, social media, internet banking, payment wallets, etc.

ByteSeal's biometric smart card provides an additional layer of world class biometric security to your credentials.

With its small form factor, the biometric smart card can be easily carried inside a pocket. Thus, you can be in control of your online privacy and personal data wherever you go

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Set your passwords

as much long,

as much TOUGH,

as much UnpRecidatblE as you want


Brute Force Attacks

Stay protected from these types of cyber attacks


Dictionary Attacks

How it works?

Sign Up to the ByteSeal smartphone application

Connect your ByteSeal card to the phone and enroll the fingerprints as guided by the UI



Add credentials to your profile for different websites/apps that you use



Login to your accounts by just tapping your fingerprint on the card


Sync your credentials across your devices so that you can access them anywhere

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World class security for your data at your fingertips

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