Bring world class, unified cybersecurity to your organization

One device,

for all your authentication needs


Access control and attendance montioring

Secure credential management and VPN access

Biometric encrypted file storage

2nd Factor Authentication

Deploy quickly and easily

With ByteSeal's easy to use dashboard, system admins can easily and effortlessly deploy biometric access cards throughout the organization.

Employees can enroll their fingerprints from their smartphones and their access to any particular area in the premises can be easily evoked or revoked with a single click.

The admins can allocate credentials for email, VPN and other 3rd party web apps to their employees from the dashboard. As everything is secured by biometrics, no employee can get direct access to actual credentials. Thus, strong password policies can be easily enforced without being at the risk of identity theft and data breach

Scale effortlessly

We believe that growth is the only vision of any organization. To make it easier for businesses to maintain the strong level of authentication and data security while they grow, ByteSeal provides a highly scalable security architecture using which the companies can effortlessly implement it throughout the organization.   


Irrespective of number of employees, location of the company and number of authentications it has to handle, ByteSeal is seamless in its true sense.

Customize the way you need it

We understand that the security and authentication requirements of every organization may vary depending upon their business verticals, size and policies. Thus, ByteSeal provides a way for the businesses to get a customized cybersecurity solution that perfectly suits their organization specific needs.

With ByteSeal's flagship authentication technology at its core, every customized system assures its users of the uncompromised level of security and authentication experience.

Round the clock

customer support

Every close is a new beginning for us. Our dedicated technical and general support staff available round the clock via call, email and chat makes it possible for us to be there for you every time you run into any technical or a general system related issue. 

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